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Get all the insights you need to make key decisions, increase profits and deliver better hospitality to guests.

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Plan shifts and
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Plan shifts and forecast revenue

Get the insights you need to prepare for each shift and improve operations.

  • Prep your staff for upcoming shifts and assess past shift performance in the Shift Overview
  • Integrate your POS to easily track diner spend and revenue
  • Uncover gaps in performance so you can quickly take action to improve

Compare your performance to local restaurants

OpenTable’s been serving restaurants for 20+ years. Tap into our insights from a network of nearly 55,000 restaurants globally.

  • Understand how your performance compares to other local OpenTable restaurants across key metrics like seated guest activity, spend, reviews and no-shows
  • Benchmark with aggregated and anonymized data from other local OpenTable restaurants, with a minimum of 25 restaurants in any set neighborhood or city

Get more out of every shift

Seat more covers by understanding your current, future and past performance.

  • Identify opportunities to maximize capacity across a shift — not just at its peak
  • Optimize turn-times to seat more guests and get an extra turn out of busy tables
  • Understand slow times and days to identify when to invest in marketing
  • Spot trends, so you can forecast with confidence and make future adjustments to staffing, inventory, marketing, and more

Know your guests’ preferences and behaviors

Create personalized experiences to turn guests into regulars.

  • Own and build your guest database that includes contact info and preferences
  • See who are your most frequent visitors, highest spenders and lapsed guests
  • Export complete reports on reservations and guests in just one click
  • Gain visibility into what you’re doing well and what you could improve by aggregating all your reviews from key sources such as Google and Facebook
  • Referral tracking
  • Marketing insights
  • Daily pre-shift digest
  • Monthly covers
  • Reviews
  • Marketing tracking
  • Group reporting
  • Detailed pre-shift*
  • Guest segmentation* 
  • Staff performance*
  • Email campaign performance and ROI tracking*
  • and more

Connect your POS system to get even more insights on revenue and menu data.

*Available with the Pro plan.

Every day and service is different in restaurants and OpenTable provides you with the power to adapt, refine and shape your success.

Neil Hamblen, Owner
Meatmaiden, Melbourne, VIC

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