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More covers, with access to the world’s largest diner network.


More Covers

Join the world’s largest dining network that sends 31 million diners to restaurants every month.

  • Diners on Demand. Control availability and get more diners when you want them.
  • Be more Bookable. With 600+ integrations, you’ll be in front of more people, and bookable on partner sites like Google, TripAdvisor, Eater, Zagat & more.
  • Seasonal Promotions. We send out frequent emails to our network of engaged diners throughout the year.
  • More Online Exposure. Your photos, menu, & more shown to millions of travelers who book on OpenTable.
  • Get Discovered Faster. Show up higher on the search results page.

Easy to Use

OpenTable is the simplest way to accept online reservations from the world’s #1 dining network.

  • Accept Reservations 24/7. Be bookable on OpenTable, your website, Facebook, and partner sites.
  • Get Notified for Reservations. Turn on email and push notifications for reservations, cancellations, and VIPs.
  • Keep Tabs from Anywhere. Easily access your guest list from your smartphone (available for iOS or Android).
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  • Send Automatic Email Confirmations. Guests receive email confirmations automatically when they book a reservation.

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