Tap into the largest dining network in the world to fill your shoulder times

With Bonus Points, shift booking times by incentivizing diners without discounting. Make your restaurant more appealing to diners during the times you’re most concerned about filling so that you can make Tuesdays feel like Fridays.

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OpenTable drives new diners to our restaurants, including travelers and diners looking for last minute reservations. It’s our only marketing expense because it delivers a guaranteed ROI.

Lindsey Anderson
Hutch American Concepts

Fill your entire shift

With Bonus Points you can:

  • Increase exposure. Show up higher in OpenTable search results and be featured in OpenTable’s marketing to diners in e-mail, app and website.
  • Control when you want diners. From shoulder times to filling cancellations, fill those last empty tables during your slowest times down to 15 minute slots.
  • Invest in results. Drive incremental sales by targeting undecided diners who love OpenTable’s loyalty program. You only pay for seated diners, never impressions or clicks.

Starting at $4/cover

Bonus Points attracts frequent

OpenTable diners

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