Reservations for grocery shopping

Sign up with OpenTable to offer reserved shopping times and online waitlists to help your community maintain social distancing.

OpenTable makes it easy to manage lines and provide a shopping experience that encourages social distancing. Customers can reserve a shopping time or sign up for a virtual waitlist. It’s free for them, and it’s free for you.

Through OpenTable you can:

  • Control crowds: Manage the volume of shoppers in and outside of your grocery space by taking reservations and managing an online waitlist.
  • Manage expectations: Customize your profile and set booking policies to communicate with shoppers the efforts you are taking to foster a safe shopping environment
  • Reserve times for senior shoppers: Set dedicated hours for people 60+ and others with prexisitng conditions to shop
  • Expand your network: Connect with OpenTable’s global network (last year alone, nearly 60M reservations were made by locals).

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