You’re a Diners’ Choice Award winner

OpenTable diners voted your restaurant one of the best!*

Our Diners’ Choice Award lists celebrate top-rated restaurants and give you greater visibility on

We’ve created an online badge for you to use, follow the instructions below to activate. All reservations made through the badge will be treated the same as other reservations initiated through your website.

*Results are based on feedback from diners who dined with you by booking through OpenTable.

Online Badge Installation Instructions

  1. To display the badge, copy the HTML below:
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img height="250px" width="250px" src=""></a>
  2. Paste the link into your restaurant website where you would like the horizontal badge to appear.
  3. Input your OpenTable Restaurant ID in the three places where you see “####” in the selected code above. You can locate this ID number inside the Diners’ Choice Award email that you received.
  4. Voila! Your badge should be active and ready to use.

*Please note that neither the font nor colors on either badge are adjustable.

If you have questions about how to implement this widget, please contact your restaurant’s webmaster or reach out to us at 1-800-OPENTABLE. Please note that at this time, this online badge will not work on web pages that use Flash.

Share your win on social media

Spread the word! On the right-hand side, you can preview the image we’ve created for you, which you can download below. Use #DinersChoice on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and let followers know which award(s) you’ve received. Make sure to tag us on Instagram! @opentable

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