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Diners made 620 million searches to discover restaurants on OpenTable last year.

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Great hospitality doesn't just start at the door, it starts when people first discover you. With OpenTable's digital marketing solutions tap into the largest dining network in the world and bring in more guests when you need them most. Amplify your exposure to undecided diners at the moment they're looking to book. We'll give you useful insights on performance for you to easily see your return on investment. Let us go to work to fill your tables, so you can focus on turning guests into regulars.
What's the right digital marketing solution for you?
I want to incentivize new diners to come in.
We offer a killer happy hour! (or other special)
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We don't offer a discount, but I do want to incentivize diners
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We host special events
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I want to build brand awareness.
We're a new restaurant that just opened
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I want to boost our restaurant in search
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I want us to get more exposure
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It's last minute, and I'm light on reservations!
We look slow later in the evening
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We had some last minute cancellations
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It's tourist season, and the city is busy
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I need to fill my restaurant at specific times
We're slow during some shifts.
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We're packed during peak times, but need help filling our shoulder times
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We just launched a new shift and need to spread the word.
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With OpenTable's marketing solutions, we can try new things to meet our needs and see what works best for our restaurants.

Jacob Cross, VP of Marketing
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Incentivize diners to book during off peak times.

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Amplify your exposure with a boost in search results.

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