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Manage your restaurant from anywhere

GuestCenter comes with a mobile app — now available on both iPhone and Android.

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Get your REZ on

  • Make reservations on the fly.
  • See all future reservations.
  • Make quicker confirmations.
  • Add guest notes and tags.
  • Keep an eye on the waitlist.
Screenshot of GuestCenter Owner App Guest Detail feature

If a guest wants to change a time or party size, I can jump in and modify a reservation without having to go across the room.

Dustin Brashears, Former GM
Alta CA (Daniel Patterson Group)
San Francisco, CA
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Never miss a beat

Get instant notifcations on your iPhone and Apple Watch about the events you care about most.

  • New bookings.
  • Changes to reservations.
  • Cancellations.
  • VIP arrived or seated.
Screenshots of GuestCenter on iPhone and Apple Watch

Smooth shifts, every night

Prep for service from wherever you have service.

  • Review large parties and special events in advance.
  • Quickly add notes for your staff.
  • Status parties from your phone during service.

Have the numbers at your fingertips

Check revenue and covers, in real-time, and see how you’re doing shift by shift.

  • Covers by party size and time.
  • Covers made: online, walk-in, or phone.
  • Shift revenue and check averages.
  • Week-over-week shift covers and revenue.