TanakaSan makes hospitality a priority with OpenTable's Guest Centre

With 18 thriving restaurants and counting, TanakaSan was the first modern Asian-American concept opened by famed Tom Douglas Restaurants in Seattle. A large, high-spirited space for lunch and dinner, TanakaSan has a playful but seriously authentic menu with Pacific Northwest twists.

“We aim to serve delicious food, graciously. We treat our guests like family,” describes General Manager Jenny Lentz. Since every guest deserves a memorable, seamless dining experience, the staff needed a management system that was both highly efficient and effective. By using OpenTable’s Guest Centre, the entire staff quickly learned and adopted the tool, making table management intuitive and straightforward.

35% of guests are with a party of 5 or more

1 in 6 diners is now from out‑of‑state

Over 1 in 3 diners book on a mobile device

As a big, busy restaurant with so many moving parts (and spaces), the flexibility to manage guests and tables on-the-go made their business more successful. Using Guest Centre’s Waitlist system and simple, mobile iPad management has allowed them to increase turn times and never turn away diners.

Jenny describes, “OpenTable Guest Centre is our biggest support system in the restaurant. Its value is undeniable – we’ve been become stronger of a staff, and more successful as a business.” Hospitality is priority, and Guest Centre serves as your best supporting solution.

A free mobile site from OpenTable helps TanakaSan reach diners on the go.

We need the flexibility to move around – to be truly mobile with reservations, manage pacing, and turning tables. Guest Centre allows us to do this seamlessly and efficiently.

General Manager Jenny Lentz