How Sabrina & Pietro use OpenTable to focus on their diners instead of logistics.

“For the love of a woman,” Pietro moved to Seattle with his wife Sabrina to open Osteria la Spiga. Since 1998, the two have shared their love of authentic regional Italian cuisine with diners in Seattle and beyond. Unfortunately, managing the business of a restaurant often pulls restaurateurs away from what makes the work special—the food and diners.

Stuck handling reservations with error-prone and time-intensive methods, Pietro brought in OpenTable for a more efficient solution. Not only did the reservation process improve dramatically, but Pietro and Sabrina also found a host of other benefits from OpenTable. They noticed increased reservations outside of the Seattle area coming from the OpenTable network. Where they used to rely on local word-of-mouth, diners were now booking from all around the country. They also gained the ability to better cater to their diners by taking full advantage of the OpenTable system.

Over $300k annual revenue increase

1 in 5 diners is now from out‑of‑state

40% of diners book on a mobile device

OpenTable removed the logistical burden of the reservation process and exposed Osteria la Spiga to millions of new diners. OpenTable has become an asset to Pietro and Sabrina. As Pietro puts it, OpenTable has become “Un’altra freccia nella mia faretra”—which translates to “Another arrow in my quiver”.

Using OpenTable opened my market to more than what I have here in town… OpenTable has a lot more of a reach, not only in the local market, but in the state and national market.

Pietro Borghesi